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Jimmy Eat World- STAY ON MY SID(EX/LP

Jimmy Eat World- STAY ON MY SID(EX/LP

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Almost exactly one year after the release of its well-received 2004 album, FUTURES, the punk-pop act Jimmy Eat World followed with STAY ON MY SIDE TONIGHT. This five-track EP presents three previously unreleased originals, most notably "Disintegration," a darkly romantic mini-epic that clocks in at almost eight minutes. The disc also features "Half Right," a lilting cover of a tune by Heatmiser, Elliott Smith's former band, and Styrofoam's remix of the FUTURES track "Drugs or Me," which recalls the Postal Service with its emotional vocals and spare, electronic beats. Much more than just a diehards-only single, STAY ON MY SIDE TONIGHT makes excellent use of the EP format, and will undoubtedly please Jimmy Eat World fans.

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