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Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out

Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out

SKU: 602557727920

THE IN SOUND FROM WAY OUT! is an album of instrumentals, many of which were originally released on the albums CHECK YOUR HEAD and ILL COMMUNICATION. The Beastie Boys: Adam Horovitz (electric guitar); Adam Yauch (bass); Mike D (drums). Additional personnel: Eugene Gore (violin); Mark Ramos Nishita (keyboards); Eric Bobo (percussion). Engineers: Mario Caldato, Jr., The Beastie Boys. A testament to the talent of the Beastie Boys is that even a compilation of instrumental cuts, all previously released (although some admittedly on limited-run singles), could remain relevant to the music world. Not only is THE IN SOUND FROM WAY OUT intriguing, but it could be argued to be the greatest statement of the threesome's musicianship. In their existence, the Beasties have transmuted themselves from a streetwise hardcore band, to a bratty white-boy rap collective, to a more sincere rap trio, to indie-funk-soul-punk-rap innovators. These instrumental interludes started popping up in the last of these phases, and play like groove-funk soundtracks to '70s films that never were. From most artists, a collection such as this one would seem self-serving and pretentious, but these are the Beastie Boys. Wordless wonders like "Eugene's Lament" and "In 3's," rightly deserve a spot on the musical landscape. No, this is not a calculated marketing strategy to extract money from consumers, but a CD that pretty much had to be; these cuts the Beastie's laid down on separate albums were meant to be played together, and THE IN SOUND FROM WAY OUT completes that puzzle.

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