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Bjork - Vespertine [Import] (2 Lp's)

Bjork - Vespertine [Import] (2 Lp's)

SKU: 5016958046019

DESCRIPTION Bjork's fourth album is more upbeat than 1997's 'Homogenic' and features a lush, mellow sound. Electronica duo Matmos provide production work and cult movie director Harmony Korine contributes the lyrics to one track. Includes the single 'Hidden Place'. TracksCredits 1 Hidden Place 2 Cocoon 3 It's Not Up to You 4 Undo 5 Pagan Poetry 6 Frosti 7 Aurora 8 Echo, a Stain 9 Sun in My Mouth 10 Heirloom 11 Harm of Will 12 Unison

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