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Edifier - R1280Ts Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 42 Watts - With Subwoofer Output

Edifier - R1280Ts Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 42 Watts - With Subwoofer Output

SKU: 875674004957

Edifier 4004957 R1280Ts Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Subwoofer Output Includes Remote Control 42 Watts Walnut look (Brown)

Studio-Quality Sound - 42W RMS undistorted power, 4-inch bass driver, and ½ inch silk dome tweeter produce solid studio-quality sound that is ideal for gaming, movies, and music. Connect to your computer, home theater, and more..

Product Features

Soundfield Spatializer simulates a larger soundstage with the touch of a button. This unique feature creates wide-filed sound by optimizing each channel, sending out opposite signals to eliminate mutual interference and improve separation.

Removable Mesh Grill

Precise Controls - Convenient dials on the side panel of the speaker allows you to adjust the bass, treble, and volume.

Wireless Remote - Adjust volume, mute/unmute, and select sound field extension with the wireless remote, no need to leave the couch.

Sub-out Interface and more - When connected the sub-out automatically detects the subwoofer and activates the digital crossover. Dual RCA inputs allow you to connect to two devices at a time. Connect to your devices such as phone, PC, laptop, tablet, or gaming console with RCA to RCA audio cable, and 3.5 mm-RCA audio cable, eliminates the need to switch cables.

Classic Wood Finish - These outstanding speakers are made from MDF wood with a walnut finish-vinyl, designed to prevent resonance. A great addition to your living room, office, or study.

Total Power Output - R/L: 21W+21W RMS


INPUT SENSITIVITY" - LINE IN 1: 500mV±50mV, LINE IN 2: 700mV±50mV

DRIVER UNIT- Φ13mm tweeter unit + 4-inch mid-woofer


Includes Remote control, Speaker connecting cable, RCA to RCA cable, 3.5mm to RCA Cable

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